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Ohio drivers and their tints, what % do you have?

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I was looking around the site and saw various threads on tinting, which is something I want to do to my tC when it comes in. But, sadly, I found the tint law for my state (Ohio) and its seriously raining on my parade.

Heres a link :

I was wondering, who here drives in Ohio, and what % do you have on which windows? Also, do any of you have any kind of reflective tinting? The new law from last year states that front windows cant be any more than 50% and no reflection any higher than a standard window. AND we hae to have stickers *in between* the tint and the window? How strict are they on this and has anyone been ticketed?

Thanks for any info!
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well in michigan we can't have any tint at all on the front windows or windshield... so don't feel TOO bad...
I'm in Ohio. I see lots of cars with realy dark tint. I really only wanted 35% all around. But, I went legal and did the 50% on the front sides and 35% on the back. I didn't know about the sticker thing and the shop that did the tint didn't say anything either. I don't think the sticker makes much difference. I know the police will measure if it is questionable.
i think the law here in minnesota is 50% all the way around. i don't even know if it would make enough of a difference to be worth the money
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