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Offset question . . .

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Hey guys, jus a quick reply cuz I know its been asked alot prolly but searched and had some truble finding a strait answer.

So im planning to get some 18x7.5 with a +45 offset. Will these work well with 225/45/18 and gold line lowered springs (2inch drop). Im a newb bout tire offsets and stuff so any comments or suggestions are welcome. thnx!
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I think you'd want 225/40 or 225/35 with 18" rims. Otherwise, you're going to throw your speedometer way off... and I'm not sure about clearance issues. I don't know about offset. Maybe someone else can enlighten you.
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yea its jus im gettin a good deal on 225/45's which is why im tryin to get some advice.
225/45/18 will throw your speedo off by 5.5%. It would increase the circumference of your wheel+tire to 108.07mm, which is about 4.25 inches. That's a lot, I'd think... I don't know if you will have clearance issues or not, but that's throwing your speedometer off quite a bit. I'm a novice at this stuff though... I'm sure someone else here on the boards can better advise you.
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215/45R17 (stock) = 24.62 inches
225/45R18 = 25.97 inches

New tires would be 1.35 inches taller overall.

Your speedometer would also be off 5% which means when it reads 75mph you'd actually be going ~79mph.

I can't say for sure that it will happen but I'd definitely be worried about rubbing.

As for the offset, you should probably be fine with a 225 tire but like neo said it will need to be a 225/40 which is slightly taller than stock or a 225/35 which is slightly shorter than stock (both slightly less than a half inch difference overall).
ok i understand now, ill pass on the good deal on the tires then. thnx for the advice once again guys!
ive been thinking and 5mph i really don care, but u think there will be rubbing though huh? anyone tired it at all
I bet money it will rub.
kk , i ain gonna go against tht. told the buyer im not gettin em. thnx guys! woulda been a great deal 4 toyo t1r only 100 miles on em 400 bux.
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