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Offical Houston to Galveston Thread 8/13/05

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As the title reads this is the offical thread. Mods can I get some help with this as a sickey please. Here you will find the meeting places and roll call list and directions. A map will be posted once I get the physcial address of the house . As for meeting Places Ill start the north side since I live there we can meet at the Hooters on 45/1960. Also People who live in differnt areas of town want to have a meet there pm me and I will edit this post a I get them. Lets please try to do major areas, I will also post this on Houston Imports and Scion Square. Thank you for the help.

You can PM me for information about the N.S.

I will post other information in a bit.
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you mind possibly 1 or 2 from austin?
dude the more the merrier we are trying to get some dfw people as well since your coming from austin you can meet with the group thats meeting at 45/1960 hooters i believe thats gonna be the cloestest to you you can exit 1960 off 290 and ride it east to 45
that'd work... i'd be coming down 290 just tell me when, and what time, and i'll be there
hey pete how far you from hooters? cause i live in imperial valley you know what iam talking about?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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