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OBX Shift Knobs

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Anyone who has the Speed Star or Speed Star Mesh; does it feel like plastic?
I read the outter part is metal, but the inner is pure plastic.
Only way to verify, I guess, is to crack one open or by the weight.
Also, is it loose when it's on? Or is it perfectlly snug.
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I've got the Speed Star and I'm very happy with it. Feels like metal (especially after being in the sun for a while-nearly burned OBX into my hand a few times) and fits snug as a bug.
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I have the speed star (non mesh) and it feels like quality metal. Feels very durable and I have no complaints on its quality and looks. I recommend it for the auto b/c the auto's stock shift knob feels very cheap, but for the 5 speed, I really can't say. What I do want to mention though is I think the leather would look nicer on the 5 speed than the speed star because the 5speed needs a weird addon piece that makes it look kinda high and the black boot would probably look better with leather, but thats just my opinon.
the dealer screwed mine on kind of loose, but all i had to do was twist it a couple of times and finish the screwing on. now it fits nice and snug and hasn't moved as far as i can tell. it is definately metal and doesn't feel cheap at all. i really like it better than the stock one and i have an automatic.
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