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So, I'm not a Scion owner, almost bought a tC, but ended up with a Subaru Legacy - saw this post and I thought I'd share my experiences.

I have a complete review of the product and the exact same distributor here -

I have since changed out my low beams to an HID setup and yes, even adjusted the passenger headlight to be the correct height.

Regarding the HIR lights - tremendous difference as you can well see. These are not the SUPER HIR HID XENON BLUE TECH lights you would see in eBay or 'speed shops.' I heartily recommend them! If you're not ready to go the HID route, you can can use the brighter 9011s in both the low beam 9006 and high beam 9005 of the tC.

Oh, and these are a big difference from SilverStars as well, which do not actually produce any more light. SilverStars draw additional power to comensate for the blue tint to produce the same light output as a normal untinted bulb. The HIR bulbs are NOT tinted though they appear to be in the first pic on the HIR headlight site - it is the IR reflective coating that happened to be caught just right. But they do end up producing a white light than standard bulbs.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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