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All: My name is Richard, I'm usually on Scion Life. I'm not a Scion owner yet. I flip flop between buying an XA or tC. Anyhow I've been lurking here a while and lately been checking out this board more often so I thought I'd registered.

Before the Scions, I was huge into the Toyota Corolla scene in addition to the "import scene." I currently own a '00 Toyota Corolla. Their were plans to mod it way back. Things beyond my control push that on the back burner. Now the back burner and the whole stove are out on the curb!
Seriously, the car situation in my house now is my mom's '90 Subaru Legacy needs mostly comestic/body work. I myself may be moving for school later in the year. So mom will drive the '00 Corolla (which is in her name anyway) we'll trade in (if we get anything for it at all) the Subaru, and hopefully I'll be buying a Scion XA or tC.

That's my story, I'm definitely into Scions. Toyota is like a genius for bringing out this car line and this kind of thinking. I just wish they had done this 5-6 years back!

I also talk a lot so I'll stop for now to check out more of the board. Peace!
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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