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Nor-Cal Night Drives

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I dont know how well this will work for anyone, but here is an attempt to funnel some driving energy into something more fun than cruising sunrise blvd with the honda crowd.

(this thread is for nor-cal scion owners. doesnt mean you cant drive from montana to meet up with us, but please create your own thread in your own region for your own meets.)

how it works:

1. anyone can post a night drive.

2. anyone can go on the drives posted.

3. when possible, define night as post-9pm, so we can be more sure that the roads we travel are as close to unoccupied as possible.

4. post meet time, date and location clearly.

5. if you post a drive, show up to it. on time. dont be "that guy".

6. post your drive far enough in advance to give people time to see the thread so they can attend. otherwise, what's the point?

this will work best if those who post drives are posting because they are going, and want company. not to see if anyone is interested in that road. that will help cut down on the clutter in this thread.
regardless of where you live, post a road. some of us are actual drivers, and have no problem meeting you for a spirited drive.




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Just to keep track of what we have done.

<strike>When: Saturday 10/8
Where : Denny's, 99 Fair Ln, Placerville, Ca
Time : 10pm</strike>
[drive completed; four in attendance]
When: Saturday 10/15
Where : Denny's, 99 Fair Ln, Placerville, Ca
Time : 10pm </strike>
[drive completed; eight in attendance]
WHEN : Saturday 10/29
Meet Point : Maita Scion (2500 Auburn Blvd)
Meet Time : 9:00pm
Route : 80E up to Yuba Pass, Hwy 20 to just past Nevada City, 174 back down to I80.
</strike>[drive completed; six in attendance]
Depart: Saturday November 5th @ 10:00PM
Where: Raley's (click for address and map)
What: forest hill rd till it turns into sodasprings rd, and then come back down on I-80
</strike>[drive completed; five in attendance]
When : Saturday, 11/19
Where : McDonald's, Latrobe Road exit, HWY 50
Time : Departing at 10pm SHARP!
Route is as follows.Latrobe Road south to hwy 16. hwy 16 east to willow creek road. willow creek road to hwy124. hwy124 to sutter ione road. sutter ione road east to hwy 49. hwy 49 north to hwy 50.</strike>
[drive completed; 6 in attendance]
When : Saturday, Feb 4, 2006
Where : 76 @ Station Harbour Pointe Drive and Laguna Blvd
Time : 10 pm.
Route : Levee roads south of Elk Grove </strike>
[drive completed, 8 people, 4 cars started, 7 people, 3 cars finished]
When : Saturday, May 6, 2006
Where : Maita Scion
When : 10pm
Route : Ice House Rd (wentworth springs still snowed in) </strike>
[drive completed, 4 cars, 7 people]

<strike>When: Saturday, May 20th, 2006
Meet Point: WalMart, Missouri Flat Rd exit, HWY 50, Placerville
Departure Time: 10pm
Route: 49 to Pleasant Valley Rd to Bucks Bar Rd to Sand Ridge
Rd and back to 49. if its too short, we keep driving.</strike>
[drive completed, 6 cars, 8 people]

<strike>When: Saturday, 6/3/06
Where: 76 Station, Laguna Blvd / Harbour Pt Dr.
Depart Time: 10pm
OR: Maita Scion, NLT 9:15pm
Route: TBA, expect about 140 miles.</strike>
[drive completed, 4 cars, 6 people]

<strike>Meet Point: Maita Scion @ 9pm / TBD placerville point @ 10pm
Depart Times: Maita NLT 9:15pm, Placer Meet Point NLT 10:15pm
Route: US50 to Sly Park Rd to Mt Aukum Rd to Omo Ranch Rd to Fiar Play Rd to Mt Aukum Rd to Bucks Bar Rd to Pleasant Valley Rd to Newtown Rd to US50.</strike>
[drive completed, 9 cars, 14 people]

<strike>Meet Points: Maita Scion @ 9pm / TBD Auburn Meet Point @ 10pm
Depart Times: Maita NLT 9:15, Auburn NLT 10:15
Route: HWY 49 to Salmon Falls Rd into El Dorado Hills Blvd into
Latrobe Rd (yes, we are doing it again!) to HWY 16
Willow Creek to Sutter-Ione rd to HWY 49 back up to HWY 50, or more...</strike>
[drive completed, 4 cars, 6 people]

<strike>When : Saturday, 6/24
Meet Point : Maita Scion, 9:15pm
Depart Time : 9:30pm
Route : 49N to Lime Kiln to Mccourtney to indian springs to pleasant valley to 49S to auburn.</strike>
[drive completed, 6 cars started, 4 finished)

<strike>When :Saturday, Sept 16th
Meet Points :Maita Scion, departing at 9:15pm
Wal-Mart, Missouri Flat Rd, Placerville, departing at 10:15pm
Route :hwy50 to Icehouse Rd/Wentworth Springs/193,ending in Auburn</strike>
[drive completed, 3 cars, 5 people]

<strike>When :Saturday, Sept 23rd
Meet Points :Maita Scion, departing at 9:15pm
Route : Auburn, The "Foresthill to Mosquito Ridge Rd to Foresthill" Loop.</strike>
one dirt stretch, not bad at all, just dusty...
[drive completed, 2 cars, 3 people]

<strike>When : Saturday, Sept 30th
Meet Points : Maita Scion, departing at 9:15pm
Route : Auburn, The "Foresthill Divide to Mosquito Ridge Rd to Iowa Hill Rd into Colfax" Loop.</strike>
mapped route :
[drive completed, 4 cars, 6 people]

<strike>When :Saturday, Oct 14th
Meet Points :Maita Scion, departing at 9:15pm
......and........ McD's, 4312 Town Center Blvd 95762, departing at 10:15pm
Route :Maita to 50E - Latrobe Rd - hwy16 - Plymouth - Fiddletown Rd - Omo Ranch Rd - Fairplay Rd - Mt Aukum Rd - Bucks Bar Rd - Pleasant Valley Rd to 50W and we are done.</strike>
mapped route :
Click me for a visual representation of the 107 mile madness.
[drive completed, 5 cars, 8 people]

In an effort to keep this thread on topic, iGod and i decided to clean things up a bit. This topic will be cropped down to the current drive and comments, until a new drive gets posted. At which time it will be cropped again.
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hey, d, when are we going to fire this baby up again?
Well sh!t man, I think we oughts get something going in March. Weather gets nicer, nights stay warmer, tires stay heated and sticky, less chance of run-off at higher elevations.
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