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Originally posted by Blue xTC 06@Nov 12 2005, 02:42 AM
Ok so you have most of the safety and performance equipment for the kit. If your car is a manual you should also get a window switch.. Lookup MSD window Switch on google or buy it at What that does is activates the nitrous at a desired rpm and deactivates at a certain rpm so that your kit will only spray at WOT above lets say 3k rpms and will shut off usually 2-300 rpm before rev limiter so that you do not hit rev limiter while spraying which is real bad. Next on a wet kit you do not need to upgrade injectors since your fuel solenoid will be providing fuel. What you should do is hook up a mechanical fuel gauge and tape it to the window so you can watch it and make sure you dont have a huge drop in fuel pressure when you are spraying. You can either get a better fuel pump or put an inline boost a pump which ups the voltage of your current pump to basically do the same thing. If you spray your car all the time you should expect things to break it will happen 55 shot 100 shot whatever. Nitrous is a shock power adder and does not come on gradually. Also optimum psi in the bottle with the warmer is about 1100. I run mine in my trans am/formula at 1150. I also spray 150-250shot on it and will be spraying 300 at the track. With nitrous you also want to run a step colder spark plug to lessen the chances of detonation/preignition. I would recommend running better than 87 octane too or backing the ignition timing off 2 degrees. You may not need to do all this just for a 50 shot but they are very good things to consider and it's better to be safe than sorry. If anyone has any nitrous questions feel free to ask I know a pretty good amount. Unfortunetly I just got my scion so I dont know alot about them but i have done all my work on my formula which includes pulling motor, building new one, clutch, rear end basically everything replaced. After I put a few thousand miles on the scion hopefully there will be more parts out for it and I will start tearing into that thing too.. Good luck to you and everyone here.. MOD AWAY!!
Nice info!!!
1 - 1 of 28 Posts
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