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Nissan Gt-R Prototype

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it is suppose to be unveiled in a couple of days. i was wondering if anyone had some views on what you think about it.

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The Return of the King!

looks expensive
it cant come soon enough!!!
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only a few more days....
and u can see the real one
except u wont see it in showroom till 2007
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Originally posted by vtecKiller@Oct 14 2005, 03:38 PM
only a few more days....
and u can see the real one
except u wont see it in showroom till 2007
and i guarantee it wont look anything like that
I hope stodgy old Toyco takes notice and DOES something about this...
I bet it looks more like this about 80% anyways

Not a bad looking car, but for me it's all about the numbers. What will it do?

Skyline GTR

From all this report, this could be the new Godzilla (Skyline GTR). Doesn't look too far off from that concept art in the link you've provided.
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^^ hey i like the design of this one

i hate the concept GTR one

the one about it come out is like lil weird... (kevin's link)
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yea, well, no one knows for sure...there were rumours of a rebadged, more powerful G35. but again, wait and see
I just can't believe they are dropping the name "Skyline" & just going to call it the GT-R
Toyota fans said the same thing when the Celica Supra lost its Celica heritage in '88.

It's just marketing.
AFAIK the G35 is the "Skyline" in Japan, and since this doesn't resemble a G35 much maybe they wanted to seperate it more from that car.
yea, i was just saying that they want the "GT-R" to have some similarities to the G35. look at the shape and you'll see what im talking about.
oh is this going to be available in the US or just japan?
Should be available to both markets eventually, but we'll see.
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