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new wheels for the ssm tC

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18" katana vr-6 wrapped in 225/40, they look good, too bad I'll be selling them soon

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They are a bit bland for my taste but i like the color.
Why are you selling them?
^just need my money back, bad timing when I bought these rims lol
i like it, looks stylish. too bad you have to sell them
Looks very clean. Is your tC dropped, or do you just have less wheel gap because of the 18'' wheels?
^I'm dropped on trd spring
I really like them. They match well with the SSM and what looks to be a billet grill.
no joke they are called katanas.. look like ninja stars.. they aren't for me but yeah sorry to hear you have to sell em so soon.
I like your rims. They match the car very nicely.
nice look and a perfect drop on those TRDs. Too bad you have to sell them. Are these like the racing harts?
^yea there knockoffs, i can't afford the real thing lol

sold the wheels today
but i'll be getting another set probably in a month or so, hmm what to get..
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^^ hey im not hating, I bought some "knock-off" CX style rims that im waiting to put on in a couple weeks. Theyre the Axis Crux in gloss black w/ lip.

PS - Maybe you should get the same katana's. IMO they look that good.
yeah man I really like how those look on your car...get em again!
why wouldnt you just save uo to get real rims
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cuz I'm a cheap mofo haha
anyways there sold, so I'm saving up now to get something better. Still undecided on what though
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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