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New Wheels for my Replacement tC....

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Opinions on this, guys? I'm looking at these wheels (if this is one of the choices that the dealership has) in 18"

Motegi-FF-7 Black

Supposedly (my my car has been totalled out) my new car in 3 weeks will be a Flint Mica 5-spd. I think these look ok, no? Lemme know - I still have to drop by the dealership and actually *see* what they offer for the aftermarket wheels.
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I was actually thinking about those wheels before i fell in love with my enkeis
They should look real nice!!!!!!
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So they'd look pretty good with the Flint mica? Of course I have yet to see if those are one of the *choices* for the aftermarket 18"s by the dealership.
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those are pretty nice... but i am partial to the stock wheels myself
i love em
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I like the stock also....but given a second chance to redesign the car it's too hard to resist. Unless they don't have them and the ones they do look like crap.
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those are P.I.M.P.
Ya I saw them in person at the dealership...the picture online doesn't do 'em justice. Aka....3 weeks 'til my new car. Maybe Nov. 10th. Get's off the slow boat from Japan 10/31. Woohoo!! Old totalled car should be paid off by Friday. that actually works...I believe I am amazed.
nah im not going for those, lab, on flint mica they would fade in too much.
Damn, those are cheap too! I"ve been looking at wheels, and they're all $200 EACH!

Nice find.
Originally posted by QuadinScionTC@Nov 3 2004, 08:42 PM
nah im not going for those, lab, on flint mica they would fade in too much.
I'm a gonna try them....don't worry, pictures will follow....
nice wheels. i woudn't buy them through the dealer though. all the dealers i have seen selling wheels sell wheel and tire combos for about $2,300 or so when you can get the same wheels some place else (wheels places around your town, or the internet) for like $1,600 or around that. the dealers are a total ripoff when it comes to wheels.
These are actually aftermarket through the dealership from KC the wheels/tires are $1450. And I switched from glossy black on the FF-7's to Gunmetal. When my car finally arrives. And the tires are Sumitomo ...are these ok, guys? Never really been much of a wheel/tire person.
So no ripoff here
They've got a marketing deal with 'em so they provide "packages" that get warrantied under the an installed option.
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wow. that's a nice setup. not a bad price for 18". not sure about the tires, never heard of them. but i think the gunmetal will go better with your flint mica.
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Yeah the wheels will be nice. Pics will follow when my car *does* get in...and gets done...and I get it....and I don't have to wait no mo'. I spent most of tonight researching Sumitomo tires....they got so-so ratings as a mix...some good, some bad...some wear fast, some wear slow...sounds like a normal mix of reviews. Wish they were Pirelli Nero that came with the TRD 18's.
yeah, be sure to put some pics up. the neros would be nice but i heard that they are expensive to replace so you're probably not missing out on much with that.
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I like the look, but the fact that it says "Racing" killed it for me. I'd feel like a ricer if I didn't actually "race". Eh.
LoL...well racing to me means being able to have the wonderful instant cornering ability when I want to have it. Could care less what they say about the tire...just that it gives me the grip I want.

And unfortunately that's what they call their wheel company...Motegi Racing. On that part I do agree...LoL has nice and light 5zigens (I think they are less than 18lbs for 18x7.5), they are under $200 also and are way less common than motegi's, plus I kinda trust 5zigen more anyway.

here's their selection. I got my last car's wheels from them - 15lbs 17" Team Dynamics for $140/piece or so, but you want 18s, so these are out of question.
Nice nice....Hey Z, here's what I ended up getting for my car... the dealership was reallll nice to me and let me go to the aftermarket place and pick out any wheels that I wanted instead of the 3 that they had at the this is the final verdict:

TSW Thruxton Hyper-black

Thoughts? Yes?? LoL...too late to go back...they're on order. But Hyper-black is a really nice color and the guy at the wheel place says they'll look exxxxcellent.

Pictures to come....when my car arrives.
22lbs, $230/piece. These are mostly "looks" wheels - I loved the "2 piece look - 1 piece cast design" phrase

Personally I'm not a fan of fake "rivets", and I'm not big on polished lips. And when it comes to "deep dish" look I won't go for anything but BBS wheels. But it's just me

As long as you are happy - it's a good choice.
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