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New weird sound

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Okay now this might be something stupid or might be a small problem I don't know. Realize my last car was a POS so hearing sounds scare me because I feel money going down the drain.

Anyways today when I was adjusting my tempature I could hear like a servo moving every time I turned the dial.

Also is there any way to make it so NO air comes through the vents when the fan is turned off. If I turn it off but the dial turned on the hot side I still get hot air flowing out of the vents. If its turned to the cold side I feel cold air coming out. To adjust this I just put the vents on my feet so I can't feel it as much. Shouldn't there be a way to turn it all off!

I did a search on this site and found nothing so if anybody has a link or something I'll take it. I might just be paranoid because I am not use to hearing sounds but they mean nothing. Just like that back hatch is ANNOYING ME!!!

The only down fall to this car is the sounds. I heard they did some audio sound proofing but other than that every ditch I hit I can feel it and hear something in the rear bouncing around. I think that is the back cover in the area though no clue. Anyways stoping now.

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Turn the fan off and click the Recirculation button (make the light in the little car icon light up) - that would stop the air from coming into the car.

Servo sounds are normal - our whole ac/heater control is electronic, so actual vents are switched by servos.
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