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My Buddy said he got a email about new ways people are stealing cars. That they look at your VIN call the dealership and they make a new key and the theif goes and just picks it up. I don't know the exact process of how that works. The thing is if you got a buddy at a dealership then they probably could help you get a spare for your car. He recommended thatyou put black electrical tape over your vin and if you get pulled over just explain to the cop why you have it like that. Do you think it is that easy??
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isnt it that new cars have their vin numbers on the door area next to the driver's left shoulder? i guess it could be different for other cars.

i have never heard anything about this but wow
Be kind of hard to make a key for your scion. They have to have the car there to match the computer chips to the key. Costs some big bucks to re-key your car. Hint: Don't lose your keys. LoL
for non-chipped keys this CAN work but the dealer is supposed to request verification that you own the car belonging to the provided VIN. Some dealers will listen to the BS, especially from woman, and give out the key thus allowing a thief to steal your car with no damge. it sucks, yes.
I've had keys cut for me from the VIN on my car before. It surely can be done. They are supposed to require some proof of ownership though. Even so, I figure plissken is right, if someone came in with a believable sob story, they might just cut a key and send them on their way.

If my ex could con a dealership out of a new Landcruiser the way she did, I guess anything could happen. She should have gone to prison for that...
You can print a "proof of insurance" card with the VIN of the car that you are trying to steal at any kinko's and then just show it to the dealer together with your semi-pro done fake drivers license - they will eat it.

Damn how easy it is... Can you really reach te VIN plate under the windshield? I'm going to tape mine up tomorrow...
I've been told it's illegal to cover your VIN like that... no idea if it's true, but it stands to reason that cops would need to see it...
i think they use vin's on parking tickets right? I've seen mine on em before...
Covering up your VIN is probably illegal and will make you much more prone to suspicion from a cop, who will immediately think that the car is stolen. It's your choice.
I'll take comfort in my chipped key, thank you.
Not only can they read the VIn from the window but also look through the crack of your hood on the driver side. You can read the Vin from the hood. You do not need to take your car in. The VIn has all the provided information for the computer to cut the key. Plus the keys aren't even made at the dealership. There sent to you. Fraud has become such a big buisness. An if your VIN is covered by tape and you get pulled over. Unless your driving someones elses car. I see no reason why a cop would give you a hard time if 1.You have a valid licnese, and 2. The car you are driving is registered in your name. I think with peoples reaction just from this thread it's something we don't think about. Even if you key has the chip. People been stealing cars and there is no absolute way to prevent car thief. Like that one thread mentioned. If they want you car they will find a way.
Last time I checked with the dealership the car actually needs to be there to reprogram the keys/ get a new set of keys. I can't see how they could "mail" you a key and works perfectly in your car. It's a randomized system. Not stored in their computer network.

Edit: Where's the freakn' experts on these things? Mori? D? Chime in at any time.
Originally posted by 510sciontc@Feb 8 2005, 11:41 AM
An if your VIN is covered by tape and you get pulled over. Unless your driving someones elses car. I see no reason why a cop would give you a hard time if 1.You have a valid licnese, and 2. The car you are driving is registered in your name.
Because ever since serial numbers of any kind came into existence, the simplest way to mask the identity of a stolen vehicle is to cover or alter the serial number...
I'm gonna come get your VIN number, can have mine.
Originally posted by Labfish@Feb 8 2005, 11:55 AM
I'm gonna come get your VIN number, can have mine.
Cool. Then I can get a second set of VIN plates made, and then anytime I want to park illegally I'll just throw a stolen license plate and your VIN number on the car..
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There is an alternative for unchipped cars. Rekey or replace all the locks. the VIN to key method only works if the original locks are in the car.

I have an ex. It only cost $230 to replace all the locks in my Supra.
wow some people just take content too far. Like I was mentioning about the tape. if you can't explain to a cop about it, then yeah don't cover your VIN because you deserve to be mentally raped and have your car stolen.Use your head and quit picking the fly #### out of the pepper.
I imagine the response from people who work at any dealership who sells cars w/ keys/chips, is that it's not as easy as it is in Gone in 60 Seconds...
Plus, not only would you need to tape over the vin under the windshield, you would need to get an alarm system w/ hood pins and scratch off the VIN under the hood & every other place on the car... And, obviously, it's easier for a thief to get a gun and jack you vs. getting a chipped key made for them... I'm not a believer in this anti-theft theory, sorry
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yep i'm calling shenanigans on this.. in fact this urban myth has been around
for years now...

Thievery Scam

Unless the people at the dealership are complete idiots.. you can feel safe about
not having to cover up your VIN plates
that's good to know, like I orginally posted this was relayed to me by a friend and a email he received. I was just sharing my concerns with everyone else. Wasn't sure myself but it did seem to hold some kind of possiblity. I still think I will get the batmobile security an it'll even be bomb proof.
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