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New Transmission, Finally.

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Well, as most of you who read this section know, I had my car looked at about 2 months ago reguarding a grinding issue I was getting when shifting from 1st to 2nd on cold days. Well, I know that there are other people on this forum that have had, or are having the same problem. So at least I wasn't alone. Anyway, the tech test drove my car and duplicated the problem. I was told they ordered a new transmission. It took 2 months of pestering my service department/dealer (Jens) until they finally called me back and told me they had the transmission in. So I dropped it off this morning @ 7:30am (opening), and got a call back @ 1:30pm. 6 hours... not bad. I honestly wasn't expecting to have the car back till monday or tuesday. Anyway, so I get a ride over there (no loaner... not 21!), and I pick up the key and smile when I see the $0.00 bill--love that warranty. So I get in, and let her warm up for a few minutes. It was really foggy inside b/c it's so cold outside and it had been in a warm garage all morning. Anyway, I go to roll down my windows to see (didn't feel like waiting for them to de-fog), and nothing happens. I'm like wtf? I actually got my window down, but the auto up/down wasn't working, and I had no control of the passenger window. So I come right back to the service dept., and I'm like wtf? They told me to pull up, and the tech that installed my tranny told me to stay in the car, and he re-programmed my window. But he couldn't get the passenger side one to work. I had to get out of the car and wait like 5min for him to get it to work. He told me right after that in order to get it to work, he had to initiate it first on the passenger side, (roll it down/up/down/up, hold it for so many seconds, etc), then do it from my side. Anyway, I now have a new tranny, and I haven't had a grind yet. Woot.

Anyway, long story short, if you're having this problem, get to your dealer. It's NOT normal, and it's NOT your fault. But here's a noobie question for you guys that know this.. I know they changed the transmission, but did they change anything with my shifter, or anything that I touch? Or was it all under the hood? I'm just curious
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Weird how u got a new transmission just for cold start 1-2 grind. I get taht grind also and I believe most people have it when the car is cold. I do remmeber I didnt have this grind when the car was new and I think it started doing it after 5k miles on the odo. Did your car have this grind from the very start when you got the car, or after some time?
Originally posted by serith@Dec 2 2005, 06:13 PM
But here's a noobie question for you guys that know this.. I know they changed the transmission, but did they change anything with my shifter, or anything that I touch? Or was it all under the hood? I'm just curious
nope, just the gearbox. the shifter assembly would have been removed from your stock tranny and reinstalled on your new one.
Wow if you've read our forums any you should know how to reset your own windows!

You have to do the same thing for your sunroof. Hold it down and open it all the way, then close it all the way.
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The grind may be "normal", i guess... but, after letting them drive it, they just went ahead and ordered the new tranny. What was I suppose to tell them, no? lol

And I never knew that about the windows. I do wish that the sunroof was a one touch close/open, like the windows. I hate having to hold the button.
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Sunroof should be auto-open too - hold for a half-second then let go and it will be auto open.
The sunroof IS auto-open. Maybe it was never set before you got the car? Same procedure as the side windows to set the auto-open on the sunroof.
the reason the windows did that is bc they unplugged the battery. i found it out by accident one day when i changed the battery. i had an optima that was new from my previous car so i figured i would go ahead and put it in my tc. when i went to use the windows it did that. i just drove around for a couple of min. and waited for the computer to reset itself and they worked just fine. if the service department didnt know that then i would think twice about going back to that one.
Back to the Grinding issue.... how would u explain this senario? My 1st to 2nd gear changes are very "crunchy" and unsmooth. Unlike 3rd and 4th. If you think that this could be a gearbox issue lemme know cuz I would love to get a new tranny because I probably wasn't the easiest on it(my first manual car
I have the 1-2 grinding issue when the car is cold..Ive learned if u let the car warm up fully it wont grind. and ive also found if u take off in second then stop and go into first it wont grind when u shift from 1st to second. wierd i know.
certainly it will happen when the car is cold. switching out gear oil to something like a redline mt-90 wouldnt be a bad idea. granted, it doesnt get cold here like jersey, but i have no grind at all.
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