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new toy

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well i finally broke down and bought the Eclipse AVN5435 for my car yesterday. i installed it last night and i absolutly love it. great picture, great sound. i love the fact that it comes with 3 novels to teach you how to use

only thing that sucks is im going to have to cut the back side of the door out so i can close it to hide my new baby.
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just drill holes in the original mounting brackets where the dimples in the brackets are. That will make it mount a little farther away from the door and allows it to close
i was thinking about doing that but instead i took the door completely apart. on the backside of the door it has 3 screws holding the front and back together along with 2 screws on the front.

i just took the good old handy dandy dremel out and cut a straight line under the 3 screws to cut the back panel of the door off. now it works beautifully.

thanks for the help though.
i have to learn how to put pics up yet. havent had the chance to figure it out. i might do it now since i have nothing else to do.
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Originally posted by greddytc05@Feb 12 2006, 01:34 PM
i have to learn how to put pics up yet.
Sorry, dynamic pages in the tags are not allowed

^^^apparently im doing something wrong because when i try to post that comes up as an error
sweet i figured it out^^^
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