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New to this forum, and hoping people are still active here.

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Hey everyone! I’m new to this forum, and I’m loving it. I’m finding myself reading countless treads with useful info and more threads with hilarious fanboy embellishments. Good stuff either way!
I drive an 08 tc auto with 230,000 miles. I have only had it for a year, and just now started slapping things on. I just got my CAI and no, it didn’t give me gains lol! It just made my car louder. I would love to do some kind of forced air induction, but I’m not going slap all that stuff on this high mileage motor. After all, she is my daily driver, and is reliable as hell! Once this motor goes,I should have all the money saved for a nice rebuild.
My father is a mechanic, and I am pretty proficient at DIY, so we love to get together at his shop and tinker around. I also used to own a few Toyota mini trucks in the early 2000’s, those were my favorite little trucks to toy around with. Back then I never saw myself in any thing other than a low rider truck, until the Scion came to the states. I remember seeing one in like 2007 and thinking to myself, “Those tCs look cool, wait did I actually admit I like a fwd car?” Then I looked up the specs and got excited because they are Toyota made! I wanted one immediately.
Jump to 16 years later, and I found a tC cheap, I couldn’t be happier. I’m hoping that people are still active on this site, because I’m super late to the party. Happy Tuning Everyone!
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There are some people still around, but unfortunately, there are many of the OG posters that people would go to talk to for advice. I personally am still pretty new to the whole community so I can't help with much but welcome my friend and I hope you enjoy your stay.
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