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Hi! First post here for me!

So I've been looking at the tC for a long while (long before the xA's and xB's became more popular), and I'm still a little braindead about some of the specifics.

1. Insurance quotes- I need some feedback on the prices people are paying and what the scion is rated (on that scale preferably)

2. How it drives- is it drive-by-wire? I saw in a few places it was. If it is, explain it to me if its possible.

3. Gas mileage- worse or better than the Estimated MPG?

4. Quality after 1k miles? Softer or still firm (which I prefer firm)

The reason I'm so interested in all these things is because my Jeep Wrangler is already beginning to, ahem, go bad. The problem is, is that its a '04 X, and less than 3k miles, and it's rotors, front axle, and brakes are already messed up- all with gentle driving! It drove me nuts! I got upset, so I'm deciding to trade it in for a Scion tC- an even trade! Sounds good right?

I test drove one yesterday- amazing, utterly amazing. However, when I went to get a quote on my Jeep (bought for $20.5k) was priced at $14.5- What the hell? Jeep's have the most (and I mean the highest) residual value... how did this Toyota dealership pull this out of their a$$es? So I'm working on finding a dealership who isn't full of crap...

PS- if you're in the Northern Atlanta area (Woodstock, Kennesaw, Marietta) tell me where you got your Scion!

Thanks again everyone!
Justin (Hopefully soon to be a Scion tC owner)
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