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Originally posted by jclay@Jul 26 2004, 12:02 PM
Hi! First post here for me!

So I've been looking at the tC for a long while (long before the xA's and xB's became more popular), and I'm still a little braindead about some of the specifics.

1. Insurance quotes- I need some feedback on the prices people are paying and what the scion is rated (on that scale preferably)

2. How it drives- is it drive-by-wire? I saw in a few places it was. If it is, explain it to me if its possible.

3. Gas mileage- worse or better than the Estimated MPG?

4. Quality after 1k miles? Softer or still firm (which I prefer firm)

The reason I'm so interested in all these things is because my Jeep Wrangler is already beginning to, ahem, go bad. The problem is, is that its a '04 X, and less than 3k miles, and it's rotors, front axle, and brakes are already messed up- all with gentle driving! It drove me nuts! I got upset, so I'm deciding to trade it in for a Scion tC- an even trade! Sounds good right?

I test drove one yesterday- amazing, utterly amazing. However, when I went to get a quote on my Jeep (bought for $20.5k) was priced at $14.5- What the hell? Jeep's have the most (and I mean the highest) residual value... how did this Toyota dealership pull this out of their a$$es? So I'm working on finding a dealership who isn't full of crap...

PS- if you're in the Northern Atlanta area (Woodstock, Kennesaw, Marietta) tell me where you got your Scion!

Thanks again everyone!
Justin (Hopefully soon to be a Scion tC owner)
1. The Scion is rated a step 8 vehicle. For comparison purposes my Mustang GT was rated a 22 (obviously the higher the # the worse it is for insurance).

2. As answered earlier, not drive by wire but throttle by wire.....wherein the computer controlls all aspects of throttle-body postion from the input of a sensor on the accelorator pedal (no cable).

3. As of right now...i average 30% city and 70% highway with an Automatic and Im getting around 28mpg.

4. Im at around 1300 miles, car rides plush but supportive. Comming from a modified mustang, the tC feels more like a Cadillac but not so "swooshy" in ride characteristic. You will find it to be very communicative and let you know where it feels like going (sometimes the back end likes to take a seperate trip on ya).
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