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1. Insurance quotes- I need some feedback on the prices people are paying and what the scion is rated (on that scale preferably)[/b]
Mine is right around $60 a month. I have very high coverage in i am covered for just about any situation.

2. How it drives- is it drive-by-wire? I saw in a few places it was. If it is, explain it to me if its possible.[/b]
Not drive by wire steering rack-and-pinion, but the throttle is.

3. Gas mileage- worse or better than the Estimated MPG?[/b]
I think it sux bcause i am used to a car w/ 38mpg but it is as advertised.

4. Quality after 1k miles? Softer or still firm (which I prefer firm)[/b]
I have just over 2k on mine and i am just starting to push it hard. the tale end is a little to loose for my liking and the suspension is a little soft but that will be fixed when i get of my lazy arse and install my springs and swaybar. All in all it handles great which i contribute a lot of it to the tires. they stick. very very good.

My roof rattle has gotten anoingly woarse so i am going to have to take it in for that.

Out side of that its all good. Oh and welcome to the site.
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