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Hey guys, I been lurking around this forum for months because I always wanted a TC since the first time I've seen one.

Well, I just bought a RS 1.0 5 speed last week, and 3 days later...i break my left ankle so now I cant even drive the damn thing..Ill get some pictures up as soon as my camera charges, but its sad just sitting there in my driveway with no one to drive it
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damn that sucks. but congrats on your new tC!

during the weekend i was playing basketball with some family and friends, and one of my friends sprained his ankle, it swelled up pretty fast. well then my brother hurt his ankle a bit but was able to walk it off and keep playing, then the same thing happened to my other friend. After that we were all playing scared. i was just like how the hell will i get back home if i sprained my ankle, being that i also drive a manual. all my brothers can drive stick too, but i just got my car less than 2 weeks ago and i wouldn't want anybody else driving it, hehe.

Welcome and congrats on ur new tC, hope u get better soon, so u can drive your baby again.
Wolfpack... that's a great sig!!
Congrats on the tC, i shattered my left foot while i was in high school, and drove all the way the home with it, without using the clutch. Straight up shifted by ear, i love old vehicles (1969 chevy pickup). Sorry to hear about your foot.
thanks empyreanberry.

ouch eddiemoney! and about driving home afterwards, awesome.
Wow that really sucks... but kind of funny in a way. Hope you get to drive it soon.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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