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Hello all, i have been a member since july. i know its not long and i realize that i haven't made very many post, just cause i'm not as smart as half you here so i don't post to sound dumb. anyways, you guys are freaking awesome, i have learned so much about the TC and so many other things. so thanks in advance. and now for my ?.
ok, i plan on doing a sound system within the next month or so. i know quite a bit about audio equipment and how it all works and stuff like that. but i just wanted to get some help with some brand differences. i really like Eclipse equipment and i also really like Alpine stuff. i've heard eclipse but i have owned alpine. so i was just curious what you guys would reccommend getting, i have about $2000 to spend on an audio/video system. so i'm just wondering what i should get and you guys are the best to help me with that. i know that eclipse are expensive and i really liked my alpines, i'm just wondering if theres much of a difference? and also what you guys would reccommend i get with the $2000. thanks again guys. later, Andy

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$2G can get you quite a bit in Alpine gear. Question, are you going to DIY or have it installed professionally?? Installation can take up quite a bit of that budget. If you're going to have it installed, then I would suggest this:

CDA-9853 Head Unit $350
MRP-M350 Sub Amp $200
MRP-F240 4-Channel Amp $200
SPS-171A 6-1/2" Components $200
SPS-170A 6-1/2" Coax $100
SWS-1042D 10" Subwoofer $130

Which leaves $820 for a sub box, amp wire kit, dash kit and harness and labor.

If your going to DIY, I would suggest a step up:

CDA-9835 Head Unit $350
MRD-M605 Sub Amp $400
MRV-F345 4 Channel Amp $500
SPR-17LS 6-1/2" Components $250
SPR-17LP 6-1/2" Coax $150
SWR-1042D 10" Subwoofer $180

Which leaves $170 on the table for the amp kit, sub box, dash kit and harness.

For the ultimate in Multi-Channel music (5.1 Audio) I would suggest this:

DVA-9860 DVD Head Unit $500
MRP-M350 Sub Amp $200
MRA-F350 5 Channel Dolby Digital Amp $550
SPR-17LS Components $250
SPR-17LP Coax $150
SWR-1042D Sub $180
SBS-05DC Center Channel Speaker $150

This system will put you slightly over budjet, but if you have a couple hundred extra, the experience is well worth it!!! I have 5.1 in my car and it's phenomenal!!! I just can't go back to listening to 2 channel audio. And if you've bought any new CD's lately, you'll notice something called DualDisc. It has the regular CD album on one side and 5.1 audio on the other. You'll see more and more artists moving to 5.1 very quickly...yes, I'm quite passionate about 5.1 audio!!!
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