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New Sound System...

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Well I just ordered my new sound system... from Online Car Stereo... Ok I just decided to go all out for this but here is what I got 2 JL Audio 12w7s each powered by a Kenwood Excelon KAC-X811D and for the headunit I got a Kenwood Excelon DDX7015 and I chose to wait for speakers and get the new JL ZR 6 1/2s when they come out in december. Unfortunately I have to wait awhile to install them, do to money issuses
but what I am planning on doing is installing the amps on the rear floor and putting carpet and plexi glass over it then put blue neons in them and getting a custom fiberglass enclosure made for the subs... what do you think?

I have one question though I have 2 kicker Comp VR 10" should I put those hidden somewhere in the trunk or just sell them?
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Wow, 57 views and not one person chimes in, shame on us. Well, tckurt, I appologize for that and will at least give you my opinion.

I think you made some very good choices w/ your system and it should turn out sweet!! I don't know about Online Car Stereo, just make sure they are authorized dealers for whatever brands they sell. If not, you may not have a manufacturers warranty...just a word of warning.

Asa far as the Kickers go, I would sell them and put it toward your install money. Those W7's will be plenty in your tC.

Good luck with your system. Keep us posted on how it turns out.
Your plans sound just like what I'm doing right now. My amp is already in and wired (no power going to it yet). I'm doing the plexiglas thing too, but I'm using amber led's that I'm experimenting with to match the dash lights. A lot of people don't like the amber color, but I love it. Its softer on the eye to me.

Just waiting for some spare time to build the box(es) for my two 10"s. I'm not going with fiberglass enclosures, though. But that sounds hardcore if you can do it.

Originally posted by tckurt@Sep 19 2004, 02:45 PM
...I got 2 JL Audio 12w7s... what do you think?
Goodbye trunkspace?

Very nice Sub's though... I just hope you will have enough room to fit those in there!
Good luck on the install, I'm sure it will turn out just fine.
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Big mistake ordering JL Audio products from a non-authorized source. Hopefully, you have not sent them any $$.
If they did have any in stock, it did not come from JL Audio. So here's how it works:
The dirt-bags who sold the speakers to them know there are serial numbers inside the woofer. They cut the woofer open (this really happens) to remove the serial numbers (violation of law) so the product cannot be traced.
They glue the woofer back together and ship it to you (hint: silcone is not used in the original build).
When the woofer comes apart (chopped up woofers will) you are very sad.
Here's what it will cost you when it does fail:
Recone for a 12W7 - $350
Re-serialization fee - $50 ea
Shipping- ? that's gotta hurt.
Handling fee - retailer is free to charge
So add these fees to the on-line discount (if the actually have the woofer) and you'll find it will cost you more than retail.
PM me with any questions you may have about JL Audio.
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