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New rims for my TC?

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Hey whats up guys? im gonna be getting my nautical blue tc soon and i cant wait. im gonna get a body kit and the trd lowering springs for it. i was just curious if you guys know where to get some good looking rims. also what tire size i should get. i was just gonna go with 17x7 but i dont know what tire size. Thanks guys,Andy
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man, there are so many wheel options out there it is difficult to say where to start.
the rims i have on my tC came from mod concepts ( they have a line of wheels specifically designed for the three scion models. we have a set of their rims on our xB as well. shop around, and dont forget to look through the image gallery to see where other people went. lots of pics with lots of wheel changes.
Just found this thread, but thanks inevitablegod for the link, I'm insanely picky about wheel choice and the Falken ones I wanted were too narrow. Modwheels has a few that are perfect!
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