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new pics

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my hks hi power exhaust
and some new pics

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Meh... I personally hate angled tailpipes... can't put the dang thing on straight?
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thats my favorite exhaust! Nice choice!

I actually think the angled exhaust looks nice
Really nice!!
very nice! how does it sound? how much did u get it for?
its sounds pretty nice, i got it for $390 shipped.
glad you guys like <3
I like the angled look... congrats..
I can honestly say that I didn't really care for the white tC, but yours looks dam hot!!!!!!!
if its the same one that that taek guy has it sounds like a weed whacker. also not a fan of the angled exhaust.
nice car ;]

hotness!! dig the exhaust as well
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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