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New Nautical Blue On The Streets

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Hello. I just bought my tC yesterday and when I'm not driving it, I'm scowering the web collecting all the info I can about Scions and all the possibilities open to me. I came across this site and have been introduced to such a wealth of knowledge, I figure I'll plop my butt down and stay for a while.

My new tC is the first brand new car I have ever owned. The first car I owned was an '82 ('84?) Toyota Cressida my mom sold to me when I turned 16. Boy if I knew what I had back then I would have taken better care of it. Since then I've never owned a car newer than a '91 and never owned a car for more than 2 years! I figured it was about time, and I could afford it, to get something with a warranty
Once I saw the tC I knew there would be no other car.

The only comprimise I had to make was on the color; Nautical Blue. Now I'm not knocking on the color because it was my second choice, but I really wanted the Super White. Unfortunately the dealer couldn't locate any with a manual transmission in my area and I couldn't wait to order one. I am very happy with my purchase none the less.

Here's one of the coolest experiences I've had thus far owning my new tC: earlier today I was at Subway eating lunch and of course I parked right in front of the window so I could eat and gaze upon my beauty at the same time. Every person who walked by, turned their head to get a look at her as they passed. One guy kept looking back even as he was a few storefronts down
I was very proud.

By the end of the week I'll have the ground effects kit and the pedistal spoiler installed, and after that I'm thinking I'll have to do something about those awful auburn dash lights. Who knows where I'll go from there.
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Congrats on becoming one of us and welcome to our sick, sad little world.
congratz on your new car...welcome to the site bro
welcome to our site.

it is teh r0x0r.
yes..... welcome......

You can check out anytime you like but you can never leave!
Welcome to our Hotel California!
WOW... you had to SETTLE for the Nautical Blue?! Most people have to FIGHT for it!

Welcome, from another NB owner.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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