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hey i am a proud new scion tC owner, its my first car, and its a beautiful flint.
i was trying to figure out if there were any appearance mods out yet, or even some performance mods....
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Hey DZ, welcome to the site. There are plenty of appearance mods available, not enough imo though. You can check out, as well as Mcgeorgeparts will have cheaper prices, although many parts listed on Scion's site include installation in their prices. Also, read up on the Tech section of this forum, there's plenty of info available, including discussions and member input that should shine some light for you. Don't forget to check out the pics for body kit shots, rims, different tc colors and other goodies. Have fun browsing and posting. turn around on the post...damn, thought i would be waiting for like a week to get some sort of response..thanx for the info and i will be checking out the websites..anybody know the times for the tC's quarter mile?
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Here's a car and driver review of the tc:

that's page 4 with all the specs. I found that review to be the most useful, so I'd def. suggest reading the whole thing.

If you can't open that page for some reason, here's their spec:

Standing 1/4-mile: 15.7 sec @ 88 mph
I'm Ken from Sparks Toyota and we are a new sponsor for and we are happy to be here.

There are some things available for the tC on that are discounted. Go to the tC section and click on accessories. There are rear spoilers now from Scion, one pillar graphics package, and some interior lights. We hope to have more soon, but hopefully that will get you started. Be sure to register for the gift certificate drawings that will be starting this month.

Ken Draper
click the image in my signature to veiw a few products that we currently produce for the tC
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