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Just wanted to throw some pics on here of my new black 2006 tC, manual trans, just installed the black injen cia. I like it a lot! It sounds great. I'm planning on the Greddy Evo2 exhaust and the DC sports race 4-2-1 header next. I also want the Dc sports strut tower brace.

Took me about two hours to put the CAI in. It was very easy, only pain in the butt part was taking the front bumper off and making sure I didn't scratch it. And oh yeah, trying to figure out why my windows wouldn't work right and my sunroof wouldn't close afterwards... I figured it out tho, needed to be reset after disco. battery. Also had it tinted at 20%... illegal, yes, 35% just looked WAY too light! Couldn't help it. Good times!! Can't wait to do more. It's like a big model car!
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yeah the injen install wasn't too bad. but congrats on ur hot new ride!
can u post a pic of the car with the tinted windows because im interested in gettin mine done, but seein it would be great first. mines black too i got it about 5 months ago
very very nice looking man I still have an appreciative side for BSP but SSM is its fierce competitor in my book
Welcome to the site man. Represent the BSP tCs.
BSP is the way to go!!! One of the cheapest and easiest to install mods is the Honda S2K Antenna. At first you you think "hey looks good!" and then you see more and more tC's without one and think "that stock antenna looks crappy! Why doesn't everyone have a S2K?" Do it! Do it!
Yeah I was bored at work today and saw a few of the S2K antennas on some tCs online... definitely like the look better... tho someone put an o-ring to fill the gap and it looked like some "male genital" (they block out the word i want to use) -ring... bad choice son. LOL... I was thinking about going SSM, but I had a 99 SI that I had painted the Honda Vogue Silver and I have a 4Runner that is Silver... I just wanted something more interesting than silver this time around. And here are the requested pictures of the tint. I got 20% all around except for the windshield which I left alone. It's amazing what some of you are paying for a pro tint job... I saw some ppl saying they spent upwards of 230-250... I paid 140 and it's a great tint job, lifetime warranty and a tint place thats been around for years. So, hmm, sorry guys you got a little taken advantage of...

This last one you can tell it's really sunny thru the front windshield, but it has made a huge different on interior temp when I get in at my lunch break at work!

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