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Hope you all like...

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Welcome to the site and nice car.
I love the ground effects on the white.
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Looks very nice and clean. Welcome!
welcome. good lookin ride. i keep thinking, if anything was to happen to my flint mica, i would go white on my replacement. clean.
Thanks....i look forward to the time i spend on this forum
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your car is hot, the only thing that puzzles me is how the rear lip<on the kit> does not fit in well with the car.
when'd you get the car ?
Originally posted by ScionGTR@Jun 9 2005, 11:23 AM
Welcome to the site and nice car.
I love the ground effects on the white.
^^me too - looks really nice.
Welcome to the site...
i got it Dec. 31 last year
Welcome to the site, and nice choice in color, I love the white
OHH la la! white is great! Makes me want mine to get here already.
what kind of ground effects are those, theyre so tight. where can i get those?
i have a white too.
i love the white, i can't wait to get mine...and those ground effects on the white it's enough to make a man's heart stop
the ground effects kit is the factory option you can choose when you order your tC
Damn that's hot! My second choice in color is def White. Welcome!!
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1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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