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New here with my 1month old 06 FM 5spd

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Only mods i have so far is a custom catback *magnaflow* ( no not a axle back..) and i put a yellow overlay on my oem fogs.
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My cardomain is for additional 70+ pix of my car lol.
nice car. only thing i dont like is the yellow of the fog lights. i think clear would look way better.
i like the yellow on the fog lights. it's different, and goes w/ the sticker on your windshield, hehe. nice car, and welcome to the site.
yellow, they look cool, but i wouldnt put that color on my blue tc
cool pics man. im not a big fan of yellow either, but im not the one driving your car am i?
have fun with it!
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Why would you have a front plate, if you have no plate to put there?
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Nice car. I'm not sure about the yellow though... it looks good but I think clear is better. But thats my opinion so it doesn't really matter.
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Nice car, cleans and sparkles real nice. Fog lights are nice, but not too sure about it being yellow, but its cool.
hahah yea, you probably want to take the Elk Grove thing off.. but cars lookin fresh and clean..
lol i already have the plates .. or been having it but my parents told me to leave the sticker on the winshield and the elk grove thing on. Its for safety issues becuase of cops harassing cars with exhaust like mines. If they see the elk grove thing they knows its a new car from factory so they wouldnt mess with me lol. I did yellow because i did the foglight / parking light mod and iono.. i just get jealous sometimes when i see a is300 roll by with their fogs on lol. But yeah i like my yellowwww hahahahha.
Where did you buy the yellow overlays and how much? I like a lot. 12 shipped or send an email to the website owner [email protected] and tell him vietpunk sent u there, just ask for the same exact yellow fog like vietpunk has.
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