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New body kit found

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I found this on eBay... actually there are about 1000 of them.

Touring Urethane Body Kit
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i saw those postings. hundreds of 'em.

the front lip has a shelf that sticks out at the bottom that i think is gay.
The first steps to the next civic... Yuck.
It's hard to tell what it really looks like with all that crap on it, but it's better than some of the others I've seen.
The front looks like a pooper scooper. I think if the damn thing was painted it might look a bit nicer, but I definitely don't dig the front bumper. The side skirts flare out too much imo, and the gap between the rear side skirt flare and the flare on the bumper is waaay too big and hideous. Maybe that's just the angle, and bad pics. They should definitely have more pics if they're trying to sell a product. Also, wtf does this mean: "Unbreakable urethane" Last time I checked urethane was breakable.
Heehee - unbreakable... I'd bet them 50 bucks I can break it with mith my boots...
That's funny, I'd like it if I had a big FMIC for my turbo system. Oops. Not yet available.

I also like the splitter, lots of downforce potential for that front end. Unfortunately, I've seen the Stillen Urethane front for the Supra after a couple of years and it isn't pretty. It starts to sag in places and looks gawdawful.
Ya, all they did was mod KIT's wide scion kit w/out the flares. Believe me when i say this kit needs flares!
seen better when it comes to body kits keep em simple don't like the feeling that i'm driving a UFO
Which is better, a kit made of urethane or fiberglass?

They need to clean up that car in the pics if they want to show it off more. But I'm doubtful that will help.
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Originally posted by ND120883@Feb 12 2005, 06:21 AM
Which is better, a kit made of urethane or fiberglass?
It depends on how you drive. Urethane will absorb more impact without severe damage than fiberglass or CF. Urethane requires some kind of support to keep its shape; the OEMs use shaped polystyrene foam blocks behind urethane to support it. Fiberglass and CF maintain shape indefinitely, but will fail catastrophically if the impact is large enough. Fiberglass cracks and breaks easiest of the three, CF is very hard to break, but definitely will shatter if you hit it hard enough. Urethane won't shatter except in extreme cold.

If you are careful about where you drive and how you park, FG and CF are excellent. If you don't like to pay attention to how close you park, or how low your body work it, urethane is probably a better choice. I've seen quite a few Veilside copy bumpers that looked good until the owner smashed it on a curb while parking or hammered it against a high speed bump. They look really ugly after that.
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I like it better than most, but its no more that the skyline r34 style front bumper with a larger hole. Beat... keep it stock folks!
its not the appealing....
wow.. a lot of people dont like this kit on this site lol... sorry guys the pics werent that great... its my car.. looks a lot better painted.
Got better pics?
i've seen your car b4, it has those gold stars on it. it looks better with the full car shown. then again, i think it needs to be painted also. but nice car, nevertheless.
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