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New Black Magnetic Bra tC

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I have a new magnetic bra for the front hood I bought from the manufactuer, its black and brand new, never used.

I saw one on ebay for 35.00 dollars w/ 10.00 shipping.

I will sell it for 35.00 w/ free shipping.

If interested, give me a holler and your address. I will accept paypal or other methods.

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Selling this bra for $20.00 asking with $7.95 shipping. Brand new with instructions. If still interested let me know.

Check your pm...

Alright, I'll take $15.00. I really have no use for it and and its brand new.

Take some pics with it on. Interested to see what it looks like.
wow, i need a car bra, what does it look like??? that would help in deciding.
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If you go to, they have some examples. I will try and get some live pics on my gray scion tC.. even though it might be a little hard to see..

I will have to figure out how to put pics on here, but shouldn't be too hard!
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