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Hey Everyone. I recently bought a used 2012 Scion Tc to replace my old 2006 Honda Accord (281,000+ miles and was still running after he wrecked it) that got stolen from my apartment. :( I thought id have the honda till it was crashed or it died after like 15 years so a new car was not in my mind. I used to want one of these as a kid when scion first started to come on the market. I thought their cars were so cool. So when I had the opportunity I bought my 2012 with 113,000 miles and have wanted to start changing a few things. Only thing I've done is 25% tint with a 5% sunstrip so its not like a fish bowl. Just thought id introduce myself and share the new purchase and the old car if anyone was curious. Also any suggestions for modification more in the looks department, please sure. Thanks!
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