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As title states.

New 2009 tC. Threw iridium in. Needs new everything. Currently runs like a champ.

227k purchase 3 days ago. Now has 229k.

I'm not an idiot. I've read a little. I am semi mechanically inclined and I can read. I'll pay someone to lay me out a small direct guide on the items I need to purchase, looking for best performance but I'm on a budget so keep that in mind please, and in what order I should install them. Maybe throw in some hints and tricks since we are now in 2021 so this car should be well "modded" by now. I'm a IT Specialist by trade, design and build websites, etc. Only saying that because I don't want someone thinking I'm in my twenties looking for some quick perfomance tips. I'd like to build it into a decent racecar that I could learn how to handle its power as I go then one day have some fun at a track or in between doing tests if needed.

Thank you for anyone's help. I'm looking to spend approximately $500 tonight if that can do anything.

It needs everything. I'm assuming it will need "performance" alternator and starter. Maybe a better radiator. Etc.

Also, this is sadly a automatic, so maybe it's all a waste a time and I should invest in a manual or convert this one.

Any advice is appreciated. Combat vet.

Thank you so much.
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