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Look at "pick a part" places for either tc's that are the same color as yours for all sorts of little jewels to fix all of the problems on yours. I've even looked at White hatch & spoiler then get the roof glass tinted mirror to make the whole back,top & white hood. Never seen it done,might start something in the tc world! Pictures if it's done. I baby a black 06 tc. Nice car,sporty,cute for a trans girl. white wheels on it too? I do have a dented driver front fender I'm replacing with a pick a part fender; making sure other tc years parts are compatible with the 06 tc I baby. Go look for pick a part yards B4 you go spending money on shipped OEM parts ok. You can fix ALL of the little jewels that don't shine anymore on your tc. Wish the car was mine but I've adopted my neighbors Camry & tc & baby the crap out of them LOL.
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