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Well, I don't know much about a tiburon but I did read an article in a magazine yesterday that pitted a Supercharged tC with a few other TRD accessories (stickered around 25k) against the new Civic Si (stickered at 22k because it had navigation and some other crap). You'd think with 3 more hp and about 40+ ft/lb torque the tC would win but the Civic bested the tC's 0-60 by 1/10th of a second and they both had they same 1/4 mile. Seems crazy (even seemed so to them) but they said it was because the 6-speed in the Civic is geared better. With that said, the 06 tiburon SE with the 6-speed would probably beat an NA tC just going on numbers but again, based on numbers and the Civic vs. tC results I'd say you would win if you had the SC unless she is really that much better at driving a stick.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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