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Need to settle a bet...

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A girl I'm good friends with at work is most likely going to end up trading in her current 95' V6 Nissan Maxima (which she somehow thinks is a sports car), for a 2006 V6 Hyundai Tiburon. Now, at the moment she claims she could beat me if we raced sometime in her nissan. Not by a lot she says, but she would. But to add insult to injury, she claims there is "no way a 4cyl can beat a 6cyl, even if you did supercharge your little car." Umm.. right. After reading up on the v6 tiburon, and having read a thread about this very thing in the racing forum, I really don't think I'd loose.

But then she quickly added that I haven't been driving a manual tranny long enough to know how to race at all, and therefore no matter how much quicker my car may be, I would in no way beat her b/c she has better stick-shifting skills.

Well, I can't say I'm really good at driving a standard. I don't stall/grind/wind up the engine, or do anything retarded, ever. I just shift normally. And I don't jerk the car at all between shifts. So um, I don't know if I have racing skills, but I'm not a bad standard-driver IMO.

That aside, I just wanted to cry on the inside b/c she definitely stomped on my hopes and dreams of beating her v6. lol. What do you guys think, honestly? I think that right now I can take her maxima. I don't want to though b/c I have zero traction on dry pavement with my 16" snow tires. If I had my 18" perellis back on, I'd take her down. As far as the tiburon, I think stock vs stock, she'd probably have me by a car length or two. But I think she's dead wrong if I had a supercharger. I've seen the whp #'s, there is no way, unless I miss-shifted, that she'd win.

Ok, I'm done venting. It's 4am, and I have to go to work tomorrow. But hopefully you guys will give me some valuable input. Thanks for reading my rant.
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Well me being the origin of the thread you mentioned in the racing forum i have something to say. Take you by 2 cars in the Tibby NO WAY, take you by a car mayb but honestly those car arent sh!t. We both launched and were side by side for the first 2 gears but when 3rd came i started to pull. As for the maxima i havent raced one so i cant say how fast they are but for the tibby show her my video ight thanx..

(PS remind her that i have HIDS in the video so she can see the diff in times when the cars pass
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Well, I don't know much about a tiburon but I did read an article in a magazine yesterday that pitted a Supercharged tC with a few other TRD accessories (stickered around 25k) against the new Civic Si (stickered at 22k because it had navigation and some other crap). You'd think with 3 more hp and about 40+ ft/lb torque the tC would win but the Civic bested the tC's 0-60 by 1/10th of a second and they both had they same 1/4 mile. Seems crazy (even seemed so to them) but they said it was because the 6-speed in the Civic is geared better. With that said, the 06 tiburon SE with the 6-speed would probably beat an NA tC just going on numbers but again, based on numbers and the Civic vs. tC results I'd say you would win if you had the SC unless she is really that much better at driving a stick.
S/C tC would destroy one of those slow cars.
They aren't fast at all. Just drive like a madman I'm sure you'll be fine. If not get out of the car and slap that bitch then run home .
What are the stakes of the bet? It might be worth losing if you get a little somethin somethin out of the deal... hrmm.. than again, maybe not.
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She won't race me with her maxima. She says if she did, it would probably die, lol. Cuz it has over 250k miles on it, and a bad clutch. She said she'd take me with her tiburon. But what I should do is get the SC and a few other mods and not tell her, then race her, and tell her I'm all stock.

lol.. but i'm not that lame.

I'll let you guys know when this race happens.
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