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Need Input from Tein S-Tech Owners....

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I know this has probably been brought up numerous times, but I want some updated reponses from tC owners, SO.....

I am about to pull the trigger to buying the first mod on my ride and I was curious to get inputs from Tein S-Tech owners.

I know Tein is a well respected company, so I am certain I will go with them.

Hows the ride? Would u consider it near stock?

Also will I need a chamber kit or will an alignment be ok?

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i just put my tein s on 3 days ago, I LOVE IT, ride height is perfect, the front looks like it will need a camberkit, but i dunno yet, i'm gonna have ntb look at my alignment tommorrow then i will go from there.
The tire shop was able to get the front aligned within specs but the rear was outside camber spec even at maximum adjustment so I need to get the rear camber links. I'm still waiting to see how the tire wear is going to be before buying the camber links since they cost about $175.
I've had S-techs on my tC now for about a month now. The car looks great with the springs, like only a 1/2 inch wheel gap. The ride is noticably stiffer then stock and the TRD springs I had on the car. But I avoid calling the ride stiffer and think "sportier."
I also notice a lot less body lean. All in all, totally worth the $200.
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Does anyone have issues of scraping the front when entering parking lots with steep entrances. This is my major concern and the only thing holding me back. Also when you say stiffer do you mean that you feel every bump hard?
ive had mine installed for about 2 months now. i love them. the ride is very comfortable i think. it doesnt bounce around or anything like that. definatly made it handle better. the cars stance looks great. i also installed the dc sport strut bar and it really helped the car out alot with the way the front end goes into a corner. i highly recomend buying that also.
you need to get them. Best 1st mod for the tc.
Originally posted by DTRUONG_112@Aug 10 2005, 08:52 PM
you need to get them. Best 1st mod for the tc.
DTroung are u running a camber kit with ur S-Tech's?
i have had the Tein S now for 4 months and they are amazing. They are the single most noticeable thing i have done to my car. As far as scraping.. i go to texas tech.... lubbock roads suck hardcore... and when i take my angles right i dont scrape... there are a few ridiculous angles thanks to the horrible roads where a little scrapage is inevitable... but honestly the body doesn't scrape.. its the plastic cover underneath my car... so i really could care less.. hope that helps some
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