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need help

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i searched the forum, i can't seem 2 find answer i need

i just want 2 know the MSRP for the accessories, is it installed or just plain product price??

if so, what's the price that I will be charged 4 installation?

sorry if this have been talked about already.....

btw, i cant find a dealership in south bay LA that has a tC
so annoyin!!!!
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You mean you want to know if the MSRP of a specific accessory includes installation or not? Most do.
im mostly talkin about the TRD Springs, Exhaust system, n the lip spoiler
the exhaust and the spoiler should be the same price as what is on the web site.

the springs will vary slightly based on the install rates at the dealership you choose. for us the price is $669.

You may want to check this out with your dealership to find out their prices on these items. Also, instead of calling around and waiting for something to show up, stick with one dealership and have them order one for you. Or, put in a order at a couple dealerships. If you are trying to call around randomly for a car You will find it very difficult to find what you want. Find a dealer you like and have them find you a car.
whoa! 669? my dealer charges 363 springs included. 200$ for springs 163 for installation. if i go through ken, it would be even cheaper. i guess living in the middle on nowhere has its benifits.
right. our install rate is $85/hr the springs cost $179.00. sounds like you can really get a great deal.

me, i went through ken and had a friend install mine.
is it okay if i buy the pring from other place n ask them 2 install it 4 me?
guess its okay huh, just the labor rite?

$600+ is alot......
you would need to check this out with your dealership. some are cool with installing parts you bring in some are not. you would be charged their standard hourly rate, whatever that may be for your dealership.
Los Angles or Louisiana?

because if you are in Los Angles i may be able to help you find the tC you are looking for, if you don't mind a trip up to Sacramento.
Los Angeles, ive look through this forum(50%), i really like the tC, cant find any dealership around here that actually have a tC show car
this might sound lame, cuz my dad is payin 4 the car, if i get those part wif the option, i dun have 2 pay 4 it

my dad never said when he will get me the car, i hope its real soon

im only 16, so yeah............
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ill definitely tell u if im gonna go 2 sacto 2 get it
right on. I am sure I can get you the car you are looking for with little issue. all you got to worry about is a flight up here and a little drive home in you new tC.
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