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The very first thing I would do is get better tires even if you plan to keep the stock wheels;) There are some far better tires that are not real expensive, depends on your needs as to which is best.

Next I would get a rear sway bar at least if not a Hotchkis pair.

STB does help alot if you are into fast cornering.

At least slightly lower springs, I prefer linear rate over progressive. Progressive springs generally ride a bit soother and stiffen up as they compress but if you are into performance driving, especially autocross, etc, the changing rates can upset the balance of the car (this is at the extremes of the travel more so but I have experienced it and changed springs to linear)

Anyway, which areas are you really into modding, performance, audio or appearance? $2k can go along way if spent carefully in one of these areas but not very far if you try to do them all.

1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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