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Need Help with a Rusted Out Crossmember Sub-Assemly for my 06'

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My front cross-member subframe/engine cradle (pictured below) is RUSTED to shit. It needs to be replaced NOW before the car falls apart. :p

I'm planning on purchasing a refurbished subframe on my own, but I'm not sure about the bolts and any other parts I'll need to do the swap.

And while I'm in there, should I be considering swapping out other parts during the job?

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Hard to tell without seeing the condition of your frame. Like any problems with vehicles need to assess what caused the problem... was it near moist ocean area or snow area where they might have used salt clearing the road? Salt will eat metal and if your rust is caused by that then can have other areas to be concern. If nuts and bolts are badly rusted you need to buy Grade 8 bolts and nuts. If the rust isn't too bad, just clean with break cleaner and coat with oil. Be sure to check other areas under the car for rust areas. Sand rust off and with under coating paint, paint a couple of coating over.
Yeah, I’m from Chicago and we have salting trucks during the winter that wreaked havoc on the underside of my TC. It’s rusted under there pretty bad. Good advice to buy the Grade 8 nuts and bolts, as I’m thinking to replace anything old with new materials that attach the new subframe. Any idea where I can find the sizes and quantities of what I’ll need for the install so I have all of it before I start the job?
1 - 2 of 4 Posts