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Need a front plate

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Did the search and came up empty...

I am looking for a front plate for my new BCP.. I am lucky to be in Ma and the proud owner of a green plate. This means all I need is on plate on the rear. Now I am looking for a front plate.. Something that will set off my tc.... Had a chrome plate for my Honda with the black and chrome Honda emblem... Would like the same for the tc with the tc emblem...

Any Ideas... ?
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why run a front plate at all... IMO, it looks much better w/o anything on there
In NY front plate is legally required...

I'm quite happy with my Weathertech ClearCovers

The dealer put holes and a plate holder on the front.. .looks stupid
Originally posted by da-Merc@Sep 10 2005, 08:52 AM
The dealer put holes and a plate holder on the front.. .looks stupid
Take the plate holder off, and cover the holes with plugs from, or like I did on my previous car - bought regular license plate bolt caps from pepboys and painted them with my color touch up paint. Looked good enough.
yeah, license plates are required on the front in CT too, unless you're one of the lucky ones who still has a plate from when they only issued one. i still don't run one, and the cops don't seem to mind. i see a lot of cars w/o front plates around here.
i know it's a little late, but i simply asked the dealer to make sure they didn't drill holes in my bumper, and they didn't. no dealer advertisement sticker, either. you'll be amazed what you can get when you just ask.
Lots of people in CA don't run one, but it's an invitation to get pulled over and cited. They had jacked up the fine from $40 to $270 when they put in the red light cameras, but I'm not sure if that's still true.
Well going to search bumperplugs...

I was under the impression that the registry was not going to renew the single plate. Then they tell me the were going to honor it. Hence to plate holder on the house ....
ha, i was reading this thread, and noticed that the advertisement on the top of the page was for lol
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