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Need '06 HU pics of the connectors

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I'm planning to put an '06 HU in my 05 tC, but looks like it comes with no wiring for the Aux-in. I need to see if there is a special connector for the aux, or something straightforward.

Can anyone post a pic of the back of the '06 regular HU?
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Dang I wish I had seen this earlier. I'll take a pic for you tomorrow when we finalize the install of my system.
I'm doing the same thing. I bought the '06 HU off of eBay. It should be here tomorrow. I'll post a pic. Let me know if you figure anything out.
I looked at the pics of the '06 HU rear end - looks just like our '05 - nothing different. I asked the guy that I'm buying the HU from to leave the connector and a piece of wiring (he does not want to take out entire thing - does not want a hole in the center console). Anyway, if I get my HU with a piece of the harness - I'll let everybody know.
ahaha i went to my dealer today and asked them if it was possible for them to install an 06 HU with ipod connection in my 05. rofl they said it was impossible
I have the wiring diagram for the regular '06 HU, but not the iPod one.

Regular one uses 4 pins on the regular HU harness to connect to the aux-in. I'd guess that iPod HU has a similar setup, maybe more wires, plus you need an iPod connector - a bit more complicated than regular aux 3.5mm jack.
Zoltiz -- You figured out the Aux-In wiring? Please share.
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