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nautical blue (stock)

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yea yea its all stock looking to do springs first...

side while is dirty

and the dash
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thats not "stock" u got the dash applique(sp?) thingy

i love NB
You in jersey too? You got it from Crystal Auto Mall? I almost got mine there!
Originally posted by vtecKiller@Nov 22 2005, 10:09 PM
thats not "stock" u got the dash applique(sp?) thingy
That's at least +20HP

jk, I like the look!
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is that a factory option mod? the dash applique? I have never seen that before.
that looks pretty cool... i think i've seen the carbon fiber dash kit on
yea it was the only one at the dealer, and i didnt want to wait any longer for them to bring me one on the i said fuq it and got it with that
i didnt like the dash at first....but it grew on me...i like it now =)
yay for another New Jerseyan!
nice color
welcome to the site!
Yeah the carbon fiber dash applique is an option. I think it looks decent.
Awesome car dude
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nice car, welcome
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i like that carbon fiber dash look.. first time seeing it..
Originally posted by MustangJolly@Nov 27 2005, 05:47 PM
i like that carbon fiber dash look.. first time seeing it..
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++ for the pedestal spoiler.

I really like the placement of the Scion sticker, just not a fan of the carbon fiber look. But overall, love it!
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maybe he means on the carbon fiber radio cover
dude man, where did u get that c/f dash kit, that looks really and nice and i am looking around for something like that, so if u could tell me where u got that kit that would be grreeaat
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