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I have to disagree

Under powering a subwoofer, especially a high-end designed for large wattage, can definately harm if not blow a speaker.

"Having too little power blows woofers"

Lets say you have a subwoofer with a 500w peak / 250w rms handling, and have an amp that is 150w X 2 peak / 70w X 2 rms. The key is RMS! This amp can blow the sub given that the amp does not have sufficient power to push the woofer at nominal levels. Even if you increase the volume to its max, you are also increasing disstortion, which is the most common killer for woofers.

You need to find an amp whose RMS is almost the same if not more than the subwoofer. Never go by peak power.

My example is very general. Any audio junkie knows that variables such as voltage output, disstiortion, and enclosure can change the outcome. I have seen a customer with a brand new JENSEN amp rated at 1,000w; the disstortion and heat rating were soo poor that amp barely made 150w RMS per channel.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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