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Hello everyone,
I have a 06 scion TC thats leaking coolant. Ihave replaced water pump and thermostat as well as the radiator cap. this was all replaced with out any visible signs of leaks other the over heating and, looking in radiator to refill coolant and the heater barely seems to work(only if im driving for most part). flushed heater core and seems nothing is in it clogging it. the other day i replaced radiator cap so i filled it and went for a drive, then i was putting fuel into it and noticed the puddle with constant dripping from under the car. seems to be middle of the car dripping on cat, under the manifold area back towrds firewall.
Ive looked to see any visible hoses from top end of car and dont see anything. can someone point me in the right direction?
thank you in advance
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