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My Updated Pics!

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Here are some pics with my new 18 inch wheels!, alphaworks header, and lowering springs!, let me know what you think!!!

Front plate is needed in NY!, its behind my grill but on my car!!!!, can see it pretty well too! No drilling for me!- see my dog in the reflection? haha

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nice!! what else are you going to add to the car?
Looks good, why did you post two topics???
Hello, fellow NYer; nice ride! How do you feel the header has affected the sound of the car, and how well is the antifouler working for you? No CEL?


Originally posted by Halewafa@Aug 1 2005, 01:52 PM
Looks good, why did you post two topics???
he was prob all excited and jumping for joy
lol, yeah i would be excited if i were him.
i really like what u did with the plates on ur front. makes it really clean. very nice
what kind of rims are those?

nice car btw.
Hey guys!, For now iam pretty much done with my car i think, winter is comming and i dont want to drive the tc in the snow, so i need to save for a winter car!- About the Cel with the header. I broke the heater in the first o2 sensor getting it out of the stock header so that is why my cel is on, getting a new sensor soon hopefully and it should take my cel away( i have the antifouler). The header made a HUGE noise difference, HATED IT!, but i had my resonator chopped off my exhaust a while ago, so i just put one back on and it sounds good now!, loud still, but only if you get on the pedal a little bit!
whats it dropped on?
ADR top flite 5s. i sold him that set of rims heh.

so yOou're the one that bought taek's wheels..hehe

kool dude. nice ride.
how many inches did you lower it?want to lower mine, and im getting ideas.looks good
HAHA yup!, those are the rims! i have the TRD springs, it drops it about an inch and a half i would say, PERFECT not too low so you hit anything, but just enough of a drop.
The header made it ALOT louder. I didnt have a resonator on my exhaust pipe, so i had one put on for 60 bux? Made it sound just like my intake/exhaust before the header, so thats fine with me!, loud but bearable.
1 - 18 of 18 Posts
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