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Originally posted by jeep@May 15 2005, 07:57 AM
360 hp is just getting started in a supra. gwailo has alot of potential on his hands. 500 to the wheels is VERY streetable in those cars as long as you upgrade the cooling system. we had a customer (i worked for a performance shop in college) that after all was said and done had high 690's to low 700's to the wheels depending on temperature. but the care was a constant heat-sink and needed cooling upgrades ASAP.
Nice ride, gwailo.
I know guys with stock radiators pushing 700 hp. The cooling system isn't the problem with Supras. Airflow through the IC and the radiator are issues though. FWIW, mine dyno'd 330 rwhp at Silverstate Motorsports during the '00 Supras Invade Las Vegas meet. It was bone stock with a lightweight flywheel. Most decent Supras with just boost and exhaust mods dyno close to 400 rwhp. I have friends with cars ranging from stock to over 1200 rwhp.
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