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I was able to first test drive an automatic last Saturday and let me tell you - I liked it! A lot!
The 5-speeds were supposed to come in Wednesday, but apparently they were held up in customs, so I'll try to check 'em out this weekend if I have time...

The sales person told me that the engine is from the Camry (not sure what model #), the wheel base is wider... basically he says it out performs the Celica in every way. Of course, I wouldn't expect to hear anything less from a Scion dealer, but based on the specs I've seen, he must be right

The interior is nice, but was standard... I think the sales person I was working w/ is getting most of the options, so I'll get to check his out when it comes in. He said that they have everything ready (meaning they can order it) aside from the TRD Supercharger, which would probably put it at or above 200 horsepower. But even stock, at 160 HP / 163 Torque, he said he smoked an Acura RSX...

Supposedly, and this is hearsay since he hasn't been allowed to drive the 5-speed yet, you can spin the tires and chirp second w/out trying and is possible to chirp third... and that's stock... but he's basing that on the what the guy, who drove it to the test drive thing set up for the local dealerships, said...

Overall, the Scion TC is a great looking car (love the panoramic moon roof and seats that recline all the way back) that was fun to drive... the sales person told me to get on it, so I did & was pretty impressed... I'm trying to hold out any real opinion until I can drive the 5-speed
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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