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My Tc just arrived at da PORTTTT!

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does anybody know approximately how long it takes for the car to get delieverd from long beach port to LA area????
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Congrats on having your car so close....and welcome to the boards!!!

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welcome to the site tctc!

there's really no way to tell since they may wait for a full truck and all of the other cars may not be in port yet. Mine arrived in port last week, but I guess it left from LB to LA earlier this week & now is on its way from LA, but I don't know how many stops they're going to have to make before getting here... So, it really could be any day, or up to a week for you...
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Hmm.... I think my dealer said they same thing. The usually do wait until they have a truck full of cars before they ship them to the dealers. Now the truck full of cars of course includes xAs and xBs too... so the leadtime there shouldn't be too long. Remember it has to go through customs first before the shipment can be released.... I don't know if that will delay the process or not...
i'm in las vegas and my dealer told me it would take 2-7 days. it ended up coming in on the third day. don't know if that means it will be sooner for you, since you're closer to the port...but i would think it means within a week.
I'm not sure I think mine took like 6 or 7 days but I had some stuff installed at the port
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