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My plain-jane tC

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i like the night shot. congratulations on the car!
Im orginally from Omaha, is that the dealer up off Harrison? I hate those F*cktard, i hope you had a better experience if it was.
Yeah it's from the dealer off Harrison. They seemed ok, except I think my sales guy is two-faced. He hasn't screwed me yet but for some reason I can feel it coming. Maybe I'm wrong though, I hope so. I did request that they don't drill the front bumper, but he claimed they did it "right when it pulled off the truck". Who knows...
hahah be aware of the two faced sales guy...
That dealership is full of crooks, just watch yourself...same thing with that $200 delivery fee or whatever on top of the sale, that is bs, that is the sole reason i didn't go to that dealer.
Looks good!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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